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━ A Brave designer goes far beyond the visual representation of an idea, is a full team wearing all hats. Owns the entire process and delivers the final product. 🧙
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━ In 2020 we learned how to overcome challenges, in 2021 we will learn how to benefit from no code.
We know that getting started is the most difficult part, this is why we have created the perfect Brave Package to help you with exactly that.
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  • 👉 1 Year of Bravissimo plan (valued at Eur. 588)
  • 👉 One to one mentorship to level up your skills and take you from idea to launching your first app. (valued at Eur. 1,500)
  • 👉 Bonus: Bravo coolest swag! T-shirt, Tote bag, and stickers set.
Meet Gary's Team
Lead Designer
"UI/UX design represents 80% of my work routine"
Lead Developer
"Bringing Figma prototypes to life is key, and it doesn't take me more time or money"
Frontend & Backend
"With the right tools, I can create rock solid apps without friction between the user interface and the backend."
Lead marketer
"finding the right clients to make their dreamed app real is my main purpose, their satisfaction is mine too"
Brave Designer's Strengths
👉Taking chances from the right tools if you are wondering "can designers code?" The answer is, yes. If there are tools out there that allow you to create apps without code, then take this chance.
👉Design thinkers. How this designers think?  They are always thinking about solving problems for their clients and for themselves. Having in mind user's needs is key, but also taking care about their freelance life.
👉Courage. Driven by their aim to achieve greatness, they try new ways of saving time and making money, without compromising creativity, innovation or quality.
Where do most wanna-be Brave designers fail: Getting started!
Bravo Blocks
UI Kit for Bravo Studio
Bravo Tutorial: Create a list & detail page

Who can become a brave designer?

Everyone that wants to smarten up its ideas.

Is a brave designer the same as a bravo app maker?

It means much more, not just making an app but knowing how to level it up and learning how to sell their projects.

How Brave designers make money?

Learn here how you can start making money as a Brave designer.

Is the appearance of Brave designers endangering developers?

Not at all, designers and developers working together are much more powerful. If designers are capable of doing certain tasks thanks to no-code development, developers will have the chance of managing more complex tasks. In this way, we can enhance innovation and creativity (as designers will also have more time for the design process)

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