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Bravo FAQ

What is Bravo?

Does Bravo produce a prototype or a ready to publish native app?

Bravo converts your Figma design into a native app! Once you have imported your Figma project using the Bravo plugin you can directly test and experience your design using Bravo Vision previewer for iOS or Android. What you see on your phone is already a real fully native app!

How can I publish my app on App store and Google Play?

Yes! Our plan is to make it possible to publish your apps from Bravo in the app stores. Currently, you are trying out Bravo’s first stage, where you can instantly transform a Figma file into a native app file that’s previewable with Bravo Vision. We will definitely let you know whenever there is a new feature release. We want to perfect this process one step at a time!

Bravo Troubleshooting

Will Bravo support different types of screens and devices apart from mobile phones?

We are currently focusing on perfecting Bravo for mobile screens. Rest assured, expanding to other screen sizes is in our roadmap.

I'm unable to import Figma file in Bravo. I tried to import my Figma file using its Figma link but it's showing me an error.

This error happens when a Bravo component (text, image, color) is not in a container. Double-check that your components are placed within a container of a page and try importing the file again. Let us know if you run into any other issues! Get in touch with us at design@bravostudio.app to further assist you.

I created a test project, went through the application and can not exit the first screen.

To exit or navigate to a different app screen, try the following:

1. Make sure your app pages in Figma are linked as a prototype - this controls the navigation of your app in Bravo Vision.

2. Add a navigation icon to the left of the Top Bar container and link this icon to the previous page or menu you want to navigate to.

(Pro tip: if the icon is too small to tap, add a transparent Color component on top as the “clickable/hotspot area” and use this to link to the previous page).

Bravo Vision

How I can receive an invite for Testflight (Bravo Vision for iOS)?

You can request a TestFlight invitation for Bravo Vision here, which you can also find under the QR code of your Bravo project. To get a Bravo QR code, simply log in to Bravo and import a Bravo-ready Figma file!

I can't find your app in the app store.

Bravo Vision is available in Google Play for Android and TestFlight for iOS. Use Bravo Vision to scan the QR codes of your Bravo projects to preview the native experience on your phone.

Bravo Pricing

How will the pricing be for Bravo studio?

Bravo Studio app is currently available for beta testing as we get ready for a full release. Meanwhile, we want to learn as much as possible from our early users and rest assured we want to learn and collaborate with educational institutions. If you are part of an educational institution and wish to include Bravo Studio App in your program please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at design@bravostudio.app to further assist you.