Bravo Friends
Introducing our newest friend, LottieFiles!

Bring your Bravo apps to life with the coolest animations from our friends at LottieFiles. Add Lottie animations seamlessly to your mobile app designs and see them come alive in Bravo Vision, thanks to the LottieFiles Figma Plugin Bravo support.
The Lottie Bravo Tag
At Bravo Studio, we are super fans of Lottie animations, just like our designer community. As they made our Lottie Bravo Tag one of the most used Tags in their designs!
We are super excited to announce that you no longer need to manually add the Lottie Bravo Tag in Figma. This will be automatically added to your Lottie component name when you use the LottieFiles Figma plugin.
👍 The Lottie Bravo Tag is added automatically!
Happy Bravorizing
We hope you enjoy animating your designs as much as we do, thanks to LottieFiles!
We look forward to seeing your creations.

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Use Cases
Ok maybe the monkey is too much. . .