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May 18, 2022
Pedro Codina
Bravo pricing and plans
What's the right Bravo plan for me?

What's the right Bravo plan for me?

At Bravo Studio App, we want to ensure you have the best experience while discovering a whole new World of opportunities that our tool can offer you.

For this reason, we have designed and created 3 different plans (Bravo alternatives) for you to choose from according to your needs.

Bravo pricing
Bravo pricing and plans.

Can I create my own app for free?

Sure you can!

Bravo free plan

You just learned about Bravo app builder and want to just play around?

Bravo Studio free plan is the right choice. Even with the free plan, you can do a whole lot of cool stuff.

You can import an unlimited number of Figma app projects and actually publish the app on Play store and App Store.

Before publishing your app, Bravo Studio allows you to share your app project with 3 different users (3 different emails at the same time) in order to test and get feedback on your app. You can do this thanks to Bravo Vision, our previewer Mobile application.

In terms of functionality, you will be able to connect your app design to external data via APIs. However, this is limited to GET requests only.

What is a GET request?

An API GET request allows you to bring any type of external data into your app. E.g. You have a restaurant directory in an Airtable or Google Sheets. This database includes Restaurant name, description, images, menu items etc… You could then design a restaurant guide of your city and feed your app with your entire restaurants database with ease. You can then create a list of restaurants and a detail page for every single restaurant including images, description, menu etc...

Can I request my Bravo app bundles for publication?

Absolutely. You can publish your native app even from our free plan.

Is there a charge for requesting my Bravo app bundles while in the Free plan?

No! You can request for your app bundles iOS and Android up to three times per week. This is in case you want to make changes or want to release new versions of your app.

Can I remove the Bravo branding from my app?

Yes you can. In order to remove the branding of your app (it will appear in your app icon and in the default splash screen) you can upgrade from the Free plan to Bravissimo.

I need help with my Bravo Mobile App?

We invite you to join our free Spectrum Bravo community with hundreds of amazing Bravo users that will be ready to help you. Our team is also hanging out there so you will surely get support.

How to make an App quickly.

Bravo Ole Plan

You just learned about Bravo Studio and have a clear project you want to build. Ole might be the right plan for you to get started.

Ole plan includes all you need to launch beautiful advanced apps. With Ole, you can share your app with an unlimited number of people so that you can run as many tests as you want and get the right feedback before publishing it in the app stores.

Is it possible to feed my app design with real data coming from an external database or website?

Absolutely. Just like in the free plan, you can set up GET requests to bring external data into your app design as far as the database or website has a rest API. Most website builders like Wordspress or Webflow provide you with a rest API.

Can I add a login page to my no-code app?

Yes! With Ole plan you can add a login page using Firebase.

Can users interact with my app content?

Yes they can. With Ole plan you will be able to use all API requests: GET, POST, DELETE, PATCH… Also, you will be able to create beautiful custom forms to gather data from from your users. With a POST request, all input data will be sent directly to your very own database.

Can Bravo help me with my app project?

Yes! As an Ole user you will be able to directly email our support team who will help you with anything you need to get your project up and running. You will also be able to join our Spectrum community for free where you will find a lot of your questions already answered as well as cool tips.

Can I remove the Bravo branding from my mobile app?

Yes you can. In order to remove the Bravo branding of your app (Bravo branding will appear in your app icon and in the default splash screen) you can upgrade from Ole plan to Bravissimo any time.

Bravissimo Plan

You have an app idea and want to fully customize your app with your own branding?

Bravissimo is always a good plan.

You will have full control over your app design. Bravissimo removes all Bravo branding from your app project allowing you to add a custom splash screen and fully custom app icon.

Bravo Branding in Free and Ole plans vs Fully custom branding with Bravissimo plan.

With Bravissimo, you will never walk alone. This plan is designed for the most demanding users looking for dedicated support. Access our Spectrum community, direct email communication with Bravo Support team, 1-1 counseling as well as personalized support during your app publication process.

Bravissimo plan is the choice of many makers but also of freelance designers and agencies building apps for their clients.

Now that you know what's the best plan for you, you only need to get started!

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Start Bravorizing today
Fastly test or launch powerful and beautiful apps.
No code. Yes Design.
Get started for free
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