A Brave year that empowered


Achieving goals that embrace digital experiences.

They say that about two-thirds of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month.

In 2021 we decided to be part of that one-third that achieved their new year resolutions.

Be Brave Campaign

Intended to change one’s mindset into a multidisciplinary role capable of achieving great things using the right tools, developing new skills and increasing it's knowledge.

Bravo Academy Launch

Empowering everyone with all resources needed to bring ideas to life. Bravo Academy was born to give you everything you need to build your own apps, without code.

The Product

We welcomed Bravo 3.0


Bravo users increased by 200%

More than 30 new features added


More than 45k apps created

Push updates to your live apps when you are ready. Your app will have a “draft” mode that you can preview in Bravo Vision. Once you are happy with the new feature or design change, you can push it to your live app in the App Store and Google Play Store.
Multiple requests
Add more than one API request per page.
I.e. On the same screen, you can get a list of restaurants coming from Airtable and a list of hotels coming from Notion. Connect data to multiple horizontal carousels in one page.
API Wizards
Import all your API requests in one click with our new API wizards.

Import bulk requests from OpenAPI, Postman and Swagger files.
Connect your OneSignal account to your Bravo app and get access to all the features that OneSignal can provide for your push notifications; such as segmentation, sending images, schedule notifications, analytics & reports and more.
Authenticate and Authorize using 3rd party services that use OAuth2.

Allow users to login via 3rd party services, interact with the data and fully communicate with the 3rd party services.
Map bindings: Create a map component with multiple locations pins connected to your database. Allow Location:  New request variable that you can add to your API data collection. This will allow you to filter app content by the app user's location.
Check out Bravo 3.0

We launched the Bravo plugin for Adobe XD

Bravo Studio plugin for Adobe XD enables designers to go beyond prototyping and deliver real apps with ease, without compromising creativity. Thanks to native actions and easy publication capabilities that Bravo Studio offers, you are able to deliver pixel perfect interfaces.


My champions

The first interactive guide to Extremadura football.  In it you will find the match results of the main categories of our football, tokens with data of each player,  the most complete analysis of each team.

Menopause app

The Menopause App helps you have a healthier menopause through an innovative, results-driven fitness, health and vitality program.

This plan is the personal training you have been waiting for – flexible, fresh, and tackling three distinct, but intrinsically linked, areas – food and exercise and mental wellness – through menopause.

My Fit app

The app serves as a training guide, to ensure that you achieve your workout goals, whatever they may be.

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We also recently updated this post with a solution for using Bubble as the backend to a native mobile app built with tools such as @Bravostudioapp!


If you've been designing mobile experiences and aren't aware of @Bravostudioapp , you've got grounds to gain.

Harshil Agrawal

This was going to be a long process, and I was looking for a less complicated and faster solution, and that is when I learnt about Bravo Studio. With Bravo Studio, you can convert your Figma designs into a mobile app. I had never used a no-code platform to build a mobile app, and Bravo Studio piqued my interest. Medium

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