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The State of Mobile App Prototyping in 2023

We asked over 500 product managers their thoughts on mobile app prototyping. Dive into the latest statistics, insights, and what's on the horizon for 2024.

This report includes

Executive Summary
What is mobile app prototyping and why is it important?
What are low fidelity and high fidelity app prototypes?
What are the obstacles to mobile app prototyping?
What is the future for mobile app prototyping?

What is Mobile App Prototyping?

Mobile app development is a multifaceted process, and at its core lies the critical step of mobile app prototyping. This essential phase allows developers and designers to visualize the design, navigation, and usability of a mobile application without delving into extensive programming. In essence, mobile app prototyping serves as a digital sketchpad, providing a clear preview of an app's appearance and functionality.

The Benefits of Mobile App Prototyping

Validating the mobile app idea early with customers
Ability to make quick iterations to the mobile app
Creating a functioning cut-down view of the app
Validating the user experience and design with customers
Reduced development time and cost
Early identification and fixing of any flaws or bugs

Different Kinds of Mobile App Prototypes


Low-fidelity mobile app prototypes

A low-fidelity mobile app prototype is an initial, simplified representation of an application’s design and functionality.

High-fidelity mobile app prototypes

In contrast, a high-fidelity mobile app prototype is a more advanced and detailed representation of an application’s design and functionality

Steps in Making a Mobile App Prototype

1. Validating the Problem Worth Solving
2. Identifying Key Functionality Requirements
3. Sketching the Key Screens
4. From Sketches into Wireframes
5. Transform Wireframes Into a Prototype

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