With over 100 features to choose from, Bravo can help you build the app you always dreamed of creating.
Design & Style
In-app purchases
Design & Style
In-app purchases

Design & Style

Discover our extensive collection of visual elements that will make your app stand out.
Choose between tab, sliding or modal menu style for your app.
Horizontal sliding items with auto sliding or manual.
Top bars
Fully customize your app top bar.
Modal pages
Add a screen that slides in from the bottom. i.g. informing your users about the latest news.
Pop up pages
Advertise new products or services.
Intro pages
Inform and educate new users how your app works.
Reveal animations
Choose how your app pages appear as your users navigate your app.


Whether you are building a quick MVP to test your app idea or a complex and powerful app for your company, we have got all the components you will ever need.
Video background
An audio-less video that autoplays when a user is on an app screen.
Add Animated GIFs to your design.
Lottie files
Add animated LottieFiles with the LottiFiles Figma plugin.
Wrap web pages (URLs) into your app.
Use charts to represent quantified data from your database.
Maps & share location
Add maps with customized markers and use your users device GPS location to display personalized results.


Ensure that your app serves its purpose by adding all the functionalities your users need.
Remote actions
This allows a UI element to trigger an API request as an action.
Open phone dialog
Open the native phone dialog with the specified phone number.
Download files
Enable app users to download files like images, videos & PDFs to their phones.
Scan QR
Open the phone camera to allow users to scan a QR code and open the link in their web browser.
Search & filter
Enable users to search and filter items from a list on the same page.
Open URL
Direct users to web pages by opening the device browser.
Share dialog
Add a design element that will open the native share dialog to share a specific URL.
Email dialog
Add a design element that will open the native "compose an email" dialog with the specified email address as the "To:" address.


Level up your users' experience by enabling some of our most powerful features.
Login (Firebase)
Add a login page to your app and use Firebase as the user management service.
Payments (Stripe)
Accept direct payments in your app with Stripe.
Create apps that will communicate with third-party services to exchange user information.
Push notifications
Engage more with your users by communicating updates, promotions or other news via native push notifications.
Custom loading page
Customize how to communicate that data is loading.
APIs & external data sources
Connect your app to custom databases or third-party tools via REST APIs.


Choose how you’d like to distribute your app.
iOS App Store
Request your apps IPA file and publish your app on app Store.
Android Google Play Store
Request your AAB file and publish your app on Google Play Store. You can also request APK and install directly on Android devices.
Bravo Vision
Easily share your app with friends, team mates or potential users to show your work or get feedback before publishing on app stores.

In-app purchases

Thanks to our integration with RevenueCat, you can now create innovative apps with subscriptions for digital products and services, and ultimately, start getting revenue from your users!
Currently available on our Business App upgrade.

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