Our Story
April 2019
Codeless Labs is created to
enable anyone to become
a creator of digital experiences.
June 2019
Codeless Labs joins the Figma
Plugin Beta, and creates a new
product using Figma as a design
engine aimed at designers.
August 2019
Codeless Labs launches Bravo Studio using an experimental plugin with Figma
December 2019
Bravo Studio Launches on Product Hunt
with the ability to bind APIs to a Figma Design
March 2020
Bravo Studio launches Bravo Vision on iOS
May 2020
Bravo Studio integration with LottieFiles
June 2020
Subscriptions On Air
August 2020
In app native Form & bindable actions
September 2020
Sliders come to Bravo
October 2020
Bravo launches Bravo Studio 2.0 on Product Hunt
December 2020
Push notifications