Our Story

  • Swipe pages
🀿 July
  • Debug API requests in Bravo Vision
  • Firebase login with phone number
  • Input required β†’ πŸ”₯ Easily make an input field required before sending a form
  • NEW pricing plan
    New PRO apps β†’ White label apps for OlΓ© users
    Farewell to Bravissimo
β˜€οΈ May β†’ New PRO apps
  • Share your app via a link β†’ We have made it easier for you to share your apps! You can do it with a deep link that allows anyone to open your app directly in Bravo Vision
  • Post-login β†’ Add a page that will be displayed after the login or register action and before the home screen.
  • Multi-language
  • Download builds & Keystore inside Bravo
  • Account linking control
🌸 March β†’ Multi-languages + account linking control
  • Record & Upload videos files
  • Checkboxes for Forms
  • Like & favourites buttons
  • Android publication improvements β†’ Your own keystore
❄️ January β†’ New year States
Bravo 3.0 is here! With a host of new features and funtionality to add to your app.
  • Payments
  • The team is growing fast!!
πŸ– June 2021 β†’ Stripe
New Dashboard available! Get access to all Bravo resources, videos, tutorials, etc
  • Pagination finally arrived!
🌳 April 2021 β†’ Pagination
Adobe XD Plugin Launch!
  • Collaborations with multiple Youtuber and Instagramers! πŸ”₯
  • Our First Be Brave Campaign and online course πŸŽ“
  • Bravo Studio releases:
    β€’ Animation Reveal page
    β€’ Adobe XD plugin Beta program
πŸ“Ί February 2021 β†’ Show must Go on!!
  • 🦸 Introducing Bravo Experts
  • Bravo Studio releases visual states for components and pages. Also allow users to use more than 11 input forms such as date picker or upload image and files.
Bravo Studio 2.0 is Launched on Product Hunt with the ability to connect to any HTTP APIs, Β Super simple Firebase integration for in app authentication and Automatic building App bundles for both iOS and Android ready for publication.
πŸ†• October 2020 β†’ Bravo Studio 2.0 PH
Bravo Studio release horizontal scrolling for users to use in their apps‍‍
Bravo Studio release in app form and action that can be connected to APIs
⚑️ August 2020 β†’ In app native Form & bindable actions
Bravo Studio present their different plans: πŸ‘ Free, πŸ’ƒπŸ» OlΓ© and 🎩 Bravissimo!‍‍
Bravo Studio integration with πŸ’« LottieFiles
🀝 May 2020 β†’ First Bravo Friend
Bravo Studio Launches on Product Hunt with the ability to bind APIs to a Figma Design

Bravo Studio launches Bravo Vision
on IOS


πŸ‘€ March 2020 β†’ Bravo Vision iOS PH
Bravo Studio Launches on Product Hunt with the ability to bind APIs to a Figma Design

Codeless Labs launches Bravo Studio using an experimental plugin with Figma
πŸ‘ August 2019 β†’ Plugin Launch
Codeless Labs joins the Figma Plugin Beta, and creates a new product using Figma as a design engine aimed at designers.
πŸ§ͺ Codeless Labs is created to enable anyone to become a creator of digital experiences
🏁 April 2019 β†’ Start!

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