🏎️ Accelerate course
In this course you will learn how to add transitions, animations and pop-up page designs to your app. You will also be guided on how to add data from your app to an Airtable base and refresh that data in your app.
Step-by-step, as easy as building a lego.
40 min
Step-by-step Tutorials
1/5 How to add animations - 7:37 min
2/5 Webview & Typeform - 5:22 min
3/5 Connect to a form - 4:44 min
4/5 Connect to Airtable database - 5:29 min
5/5 Refresh page - 3:27 min
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After completing this course you will know:
1. How to add animations
2. How to add a webview
and a typeform
3. How to connect
a form
4. How to connect to an
Airtable database
5. How to refresh page