Dany Coimbra Coelho
UI/UX, Figma Design, Bravorizing your Figma design, API integrations, App publication support in App Store and Google Play Store
Airtable, webflow, squarespace, Canva, Bravo Studio, Html, Css, Javascript, Mailjet, Mailchimp, Typform, Zapier
Characterized by my approachability, optimism, and limitless creativity. As a true perfectionist, my motto is "no solution, no problem", the secrets of which only I privy to, in the image of my open-mindedness and natural curiosity, trying to solve problems that at first glance appear unsurmountable. After I have managed a small business at a very young age, my passion brought me to the digital communications and press area and websites and mobile apps development, which I fully master... to the delight of my clients. At the same time resourceful and a perfectionist, as well as an aesthete. Essential qualities for discovering improbable ideas or setting up crazy but successful communication strategies for apps or websites. I remember that day where I discovered Bravo on Product Hunt, I was 😳, I couldn’t believe that it was real, I was one of the first followers of bravostudio and I'm so glad that I stayed with them and since that day and can't live a day without connecting to it. I'm so passionate about bravo that I have quickly learned all tags in my head and there are a lot! It would be such a pleasure for me to help you out with your project, from designing, developing the best UX and UI to the strategy behind it and not to forget the website to represent your app. Best thing - > I speak Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portuguese so there a no barriers to not contact me.

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