Karla Fernandes
Switzerland & Brazil
User Research, UI/UX, Figma Design, Bravorizing your Figma design, API integrations, App publication support in App Store and Google Play Store
Figma, Airtable, Google Sheets, Xano, Zapier, Make, WeWeb, Softr, Readymag. Glide, Thunkable, Webflow, Tally, Typeform, Zapier.
Hey, I'm Karla Fernandes, a seasoned UX/UI & Digital Product Designer with over two decades of experience. I've worked with tech startups, educational institutions, and service-based companies, managing projects for 150+ companies worldwide. I specialize in using no-code tools and creative strategies to simplify the product creation process, helping clients launch fully functional MVP applications. With 15+ native apps published on App Store and Play Store, I've also designed landing pages, websites, web stores, and more. My goal is to assist individuals and businesses in bringing their ideas to life quickly and efficiently, enabling their growth and success in a competitive market.

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