Need a mobile app for your business?

With 60% of all online traffic coming from mobile devices, there’s never been a better time to start selling your digital content or service with Bravo's Business App upgrade.

Why choose Bravo's Business App?

Our Business App upgrade comes with all the benefits of our Pro App, plus exclusive premium features, so that you can start monetizing from your mobile app instantly.

In-app purchases

Better user-experience

Segmented push notifications

Use of mobile device features

Increased brand engagement

Chat (coming soon)

Advanced App

Use of mobile device features


Segmented push notifications

Increased brand engagement

Brand presence in the app stores


In-app purchases


Facebook event tracking

Google Analytics

Bravo Analytics


Endless custom app development

by Charly
Wasta App

Level up your app with real-time chat

CometChat is a chat API and in-app messaging SDK (software development kit) which enables users to integrate HD voice and video calling, as well as text chat functionality directly into their mobile app.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Message History
Sentiment Analysis
Rich Media attachments
Typing Indicators

Facebook App Events

Facebook App Events allow you to track specific actions or events that occur on your app, such as a person installing your app or completing a purchase.

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics integration, you'll be able to track app events and analyze how your users are using the app.

Get data-driven insights

With Bravo Analytics, you can effortlessly retrieve data from your prototype phase apps using the Bravo Vision previewing app or on your published app.

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“Upgrading to the Business App meant that we could finally start monetising our content on the App Stores. Bravo’s ability to simultaneously allow us to build for both iOS and Android at the same time, and then launch our Premium subscription offering at the same time meant we were able to launch in weeks what usually took months or even a year.”
Jaron Soh
Founder of voda

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