Figma plugin

Speed up your process and validate your files with our Figma plugin.

How it works

Our Figma plugin will speed up your app's tagging process by selecting one or multiple tags that you want to add to a page, frame, or component. Additionally, the plugin will help you to validate whether or not your Figma file is ready to be imported into Bravo Studio.

UI Presets

Simplify the creation of your Bravo app with our collection of UI presets that come equipped with pre-configured Bravo tags and containers, which you can later customize to your liking.

Bravo Tagger

Save time preparing your Figma file for Bravo by adding all the tags directly from the plugin.

Tag Checker

Make you Figma file ready to be synced with Bravo thanks to the Tag Checker.

How to install

1. Download the plugin

Download the plugin from the Figma Community from the link below.

2. Install

Click "Run" and enjoy!

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