Turn your Figma design
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Bravo helps you to deliver pixel perfect apps that users will love. No code necessary.
Figma to real app

1. Design your app in Figma

We’re big believers that design should never be compromised. Unlike other app builders, Bravo studio gives you full creative flexibility. No dull templates, no limitations, just endless design possibilities.

2. Convert your Figma files to a real app with Bravo Tags

A Bravo Tag is a text string that you place in the component names of your design file. After you import the design file into Bravo Studio, the layer with the Tag will turn into a mobile component or action in your final app.

3. Import your app to Bravo Vision and preview it for testing

Test and preview your app as much as you like. Once you love it, share it with others and show off your masterpiece!

Endless native app opportunities

Boost your design with native actions and functionality by integrating it with external data and API connections.
Expeditions Guide (demo)
Expeditions Guide (demo)
Minimal and clean expeditions that lets photographs stand out.
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Spotify Music (demo)
Spotify Music (demo)
Yes! we support audio, so you can actually make a music player app without coding.
Open in Figma
Fooodies (demo)
Fooodies (demo)
A food guide for Barcelona or any city, connected with real data from a database.
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“Bravo just hits the sweet spot for me. With other tools, I either can't launch fast enough or can't make the design look the way I want, but with Bravo, I get to have it all.”
Marcus Woxneryd
Head of Product at Dose.

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