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CometChat is a chat API and in-app messaging SDK (software development kit) which enables users to integrate HD voice and video calling.

About Cometchat

CometChat enables text chat functionality directly into their mobile and web apps. CometChat also supports features such as push notifications, read receipts, typing indicators, real-time translation, and more.

CometChat allows users to create their own user interface for private or group chat applications. Customization tools let users personalize various elements of their chat app. CometChat also provides users with the tools to add voice, and video calling and conferencing capabilities to their apps or websites. Users can also send and receive media files through CometChat, as the platform enables users to sync and share files like GIFs, photos, videos, and audio clips.

How it works with Bravo Studio

Configuring CometChat on your Bravo app takes just a few steps, and you can find all the information in our documentation.

Use cases for integration

As well as making your app more interactive, offering real-time chat makes for a more refined user experience, which will result in increased conversion rates and customer loyalty, and fewer negative reviews.

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