OAuth 2.0
OAuth is a technology used to allow a service (website or app) access resources hosted by another service on behalf of a user, in a secure way.
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Using OAuth 2.0 in Bravo Studio allows to create apps that will communicate with third-party services to exchange user information.

Some examples are:

- An app where your users can access their Strava information.

- An app that needs to access the musical taste of your users using their Spotify account.

- An app that needs to show private information only to some users, but you don't have control over this user base, you just need to authorize the access.

- An app and with several social logins available, so users can create a new account with their preferred social media account.

- An app using AWS Cognito to authenticate users.

Here is a list with services implementing OAuth. In case you want to check out more information about the OAuth technology, you can do it in the official website.