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Integrate OneSignal with your Bravo App

Everybody knows that push notifications are key for any mobile app. With One Signal, you can add push notifications to your app and drive app engagement and nurture user loyalty. 

What is OneSignal

When you pick up your phone, the first messages you see are push notifications. They are the top driver of app re-engagement and OneSignal is the #1 SDK used by app creators. The platform supports iOS and Android so you can easily send eye-catching notifications across different mobile devices.

The OneSignal API

OneSignal's server API provides robust features that can be used to send messages, export data, create and delete user segments and add and edit devices. 

Why you should integrate OneSignal with your mobile App

You can watch this tutorial to get to know everything about using Bravo Studio and OneSignal. The first thing you’ll need to do in your app is making sure that the user is okay with allowing notifications. So, in your user’s profile you need to have an enable push notifications button that will bring a prompt up that will ask if the user allows push notifications. When triggered, this action will also register your device on OneSignal. The Bravo Tag you’ll need to use is: [action:enablenotifications]

Test your push notifications in Bravo Vision

You can test the push notifications on Bravo Vision before your app is published. Make sure you connect to updates on Bravo Vision as shown in the video below. You can do it by clicking on the top left question mark icon on Bravo Vision, and going to the third slide.

On your app project page, go to the Notifications tab and you can send a test notification directly via Bravo Vision.

For the notification action Go to page, you need to enter the URL of the page you want to be loaded when the notification is open. In order to get that URL, load the app in Bravo Vision, navigate to the page you want, long-press anywhere and click Copy Page URL (a share dialog will open so that you can send the URL using your preferred method).

You can access our full push notifications documentation here. 

Why use Bravo Studio to build an app? 

Bravo is your no-code custom-made mobile app builder for iOS and Android. Create pixel-perfect MVPs, validate ideas and publish on App Store and Google Play Store. You can start Bravorizing today for free. 

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