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Xano provides a robust, auto documented backend that you can plug into any front-end that supports a RESTful API (which is most of them).

Build an app using Xano as a no-code backend

Xano is one of the few no code backend platforms that provides a comprehensive and robust auto documented backend that you can plug into any front-end that supports a REST API.

Xano gives you a scalable server, a flexible database, and a no-code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere. Let’s see how to integrate Xano with Bravo Studio. 

First, what’s a database?

A database is the heart of any app. It’s where all of your data is stored and it gets displayed in your front end via an API and that API processes through a server. Xano handles the database, the server and the API so it’s a complete backend for your mobile app. 

SQL database vs NoSQL

Selecting the right database for your company is an important decision. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most widely used and is popular due to its interactive language and easy learning curve. It’s a relational database that models data as records in rows and tables with logical links between them.

While SQL may meet your needs the majority of the time, sometimes companies experience rapid growth and end up needing more flexibility than SQL can provide. 

NoSQL is an extension of the capabilities SQL provides. NoSQL is a self-describing database that doesn’t work through relationships between tables in every case and involves a much wider range of database technologies. It’s more flexible and it allows the user to access different types of data.

Use Xano as backend to a mobile app

Xano hosts your data on a PostgreSQL database which is the most powerful open source database in the world. It provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big data needs of a NoSQL solution. 

You can access two tutorials to learn how to use Xano as a backend. The first one is all about creating a bookmark functionality with remote actions and device ID with Xano. The second one will show you how to build nested lists

The Xano API 

Xano gives you a no-code API with which you can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere. We want to enable you to validate and grow your ideas quickly without limits or any of the barriers you might have encountered using other tools

How to integrate Xano with a Front End platform?

First, you’ll need to generate the database with Xano, and define the API endpoints that will be used to connect with Bravo. You’ll need to think about your database structure, that’s how the data will be stored. Think about the information you’ll need to have and then create a table in Xano. It will look something like this: 

Once you have all the data, it's time to create the API endpoints. These will be the ones that we call from Bravo to feed our app with the data we generated. You’ll need to go to the API dashboard on the left panel in Xano. In the top right,click on Add API group. Put a name and write a short description if you wish. You'll see that no endpoints are created for now.

First, we'll create an endpoint to get all the records of the Cities table. Click on Add API endpoint on the top right. Select CRUD Database Operations, Cities table, and finally GET. This will create an endpoint that will be targeted with a GET request, and will return all the data in the Cities table. In the last step, put a description if you wish, and click "Save".

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first API endpoint! Follow this tutorial to continue building your database with Xano. 

Benefits of using Xano as backend for your mobile app

Using Xano as a backend with Bravo is easy. You’ll need to get used to it at first but then you’ll be able to unlock a ton of functionalities for your app. Start building pixel-perfect MVPs, validating ideas and publishing your apps on App Store and Google Play Store today! Register for free.

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