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Empower Fitness
Work out with Empower Fitness and stay fit! Empower Fitness is your personal trainer to guide you through your workout at the Gym or at Home with additional nutritional tips which will be helpful for your fitness journey. This app will guide you on how and which exercises are perfect for your workout. We provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions of each exercise which you can carry out at home or at the gym. Why Pay for Expensive personal trainers when you can work out on your own with just your phone with you? Empower gives you many benefits like : - A list of most effective workouts for each muscle group. - Step-by-step instructions with video support for every workout. - Text instruction with pictures for each exercise. - Newly added exercise every week to get you more variations. - List of Nutritional value of categorized food types - Newly added Nutritional tips and protein-rich foods every week

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