+ 120k projects created
+ 1150 native apps published
+ 100 features released

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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Bravo Studio.
“Bravo’s ability to simultaneously allow us to build for both iOS and Android, and then launch our Premium subscription offering at the same time meant we were able to launch in weeks what usually took months or even a year.”
Jaron Soh
Founder of voda.
“For entrepreneurs like myself without a team of developers, you can get started fast. I got comfort from the fact that there were so many knowledgeable people in the Bravo team and community.”
Rajiv Chopra
Serial entrepreneur.
How it works

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The fastest mobile app-development platform for businesses, product managers and content creators.
No coding skills necessary.


Design and prototype your app in Figma or Adobe XD, and bring it to life with Bravo Tags that add native mobile actions. Use APIs to connect your design to real data from external databases, add functionality and logic and see your content come to life.


Preview and test your app’s design changes with the Bravo Vision app, and keep your content in sync in real-time. With Bravo Studio, managing your app has never been easier.


With Bravo, iterating for both iOs and Android is easy. All app updates will be applied automatically, even after publishing in the app stores.

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Explore the no-code apps that our community is building with Bravo Studio.

Challenges of Traditional App Development.

In-app purchases

Better user-experience

Segmented push notifications

Use of mobile device features

Increased brand engagement

Chat (coming soon)

Time consuming

Traditional app development can take a long time to complete, particularly if you are building a complex app.


The costs associated with app development can quickly add up, making it difficult for smaller businesses or startups to create their own apps.

Limited scalability

If your app becomes popular and needs to handle a large volume of users, you may need to invest in additional infrastructure and resources to support it, which can be expensive.


Once the app is built, it can be difficult and time-consuming to make significant changes, and may require rebuilding the entire app.

Limited collaboration

Traditional app development often involves a siloed approach, where designers, developers, and project managers work in isolation from one another.

We’re democratizing the world of rapid application development.

Building a native mobile app has never been easier (or faster)

Connect and test your existing APIs to a design easily

All without touching mobile code.
iOS & Android

Create fully native mobile applications

With native features like push notifications, NFC and location.

Integrate with almost any backend

Including OAuth2, Firebase, Airtable, Backendless, Xano, Supabase, GRAPHCMS, Contentful, OneSignal, and many more.
Go live

Deploy iOS and Android simultaneously

And get your app in the App Stores in no time.

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and start building apps without code.


We also recently updated this post with a solution for using Bubble as the backend to a native mobile app built with tools such as @Bravostudioapp!


If you've been designing mobile experiences and aren't aware of @Bravostudioapp , you've got grounds to gain.

Harshil Agrawal

This was going to be a long process, and I was looking for a less complicated and faster solution, and that is when I learnt about Bravo Studio. With Bravo Studio, you can convert your Figma designs into a mobile app. I had never used a no-code platform to build a mobile app, and Bravo Studio piqued my interest. Medium


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