🚀 Victory course
Learn how to use some of the Bravo 3.0 features. Use remote actions to trigger API requests as an action, use users device location, customize your map markers. You will also learn how to set up Push Notifications using One Signal as well as a login page using Firebase to authenticate your users.
Step-by-step, as easy as building a lego.
35 min
Step-by-step Tutorials
1/5 Remote actions - 6:50 min
2/5 My location - 4:01 min
3/5 Map markers - 4:13 min
4/5 Push notifications - 6:04 min
5/5 Firebase login - 10:34 min
After completing this course you will know:
1. Remote actions
2. Allow location
in your app
3. Add custom map markers to you map
4. Configure and send push notifications to your users
5. Add a login page using Firebase