Build a CRM app without coding

Many businesses opt for off-the-shelf CRM solutions, which are expensive and lack design-flexibility. With Bravo Studio, you can build your own no-code CRM system that’s tailored to your business needs, without the stress and expense that comes with traditional development.

Available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Endless CRM app features for your users.

Streamline your operations with all the features you could ever need:
  • Authentication
  • Video player
  • Interactive map
  • Agenda
  • Local info & FAQs
  • Group chats
  • Push notifications

Why create your CRM app with Bravo Studio?

Since 2019, thousands of users all around the world have used Bravo Studio’s technology to build their no-code native apps. We believe that design should never be compromised, and that’s what sets us apart from the traditional ‘app-builder.’ Rather than the typical ‘drag and drop’ builder, Bravo gives you the power to convert your existing Figma or Adobe XD design into a fully native app, so that your brand can shine through exactly how you imagined.

Bravo also enables you to connect almost any external data source with a REST API. With awesome tools like Airtable, Xano and Supabase, to name just a few, you can choose the best backend that fits your skillset and app needs.

Why build a Custom CRM app using no-code?

In-app purchases

Better user-experience

Segmented push notifications

Use of mobile device features

Increased brand engagement

Chat (coming soon)


With a no-code platform, you have complete control over the design and functionality of your CRM, which means you can build it to meet your specific business needs and requirements.


No-code platforms allow you to make changes and updates to your CRM on the fly, without the need for extensive coding or programming.


Building a CRM from scratch using a no-code platform is often much faster than traditional development methods.

Cost savings

No-code platforms can significantly reduce the cost of building and maintaining a custom CRM, as you don't need to hire a team of developers or pay for expensive software licenses.


No-code platforms are designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for non-technical users, which means you don't need to have any coding or programming experience to build a custom CRM.

Build a CRM app for web and mobile with Bravo Studio, WeWeb and Xano

This video with our CEO, Toby, covers everything you need to know about building a  hybrid app with no code. This CRM use-case was built using Bravo, Figma, Xano and Weweb.

How to create your own CRM App step by step.

Building a CRM app with Bravo Studio is easy. You just need to decide whether to go with Figma or Adobe XD for your designs, define a user flow, prioritize functionalities and kick off your Bravo project. You’ll have your app published in the stores in no time. 

Define the features

The first thing you need to do is understand how these apps work. We strongly advise you to go through Google Play or the App Store and search for restaurant apps. Download a couple of them, play around and see what they have to offer. Look for bright ideas and note them down. Then, add the ideas you had according to your customers wants and needs. Once you have this list, try choosing the top 3 features for your app. Those will be the core of your first release. If in doubt, you can use the Impact-Effort matrix to try and organize them. The features with higher impact and lower effort are the ones you should start building right away.

Design your CRM app

Once you have your features ready, you’ll have to kick off your UX design. That’s to say, define your app’s architecture. What Is the user flow going to be like? How many screens will the app have? 

Once your app’s skeleton is ready, you can move on to UI design and get your branding out there. You can add some animations if you feel like it. The key here is to develop a system and stick to it so that your app looks nice and tidy. 

For this design phase, you can work with Figma or Adobe XD. Once your design is ready, you'll be halfway to having your app ready!

Don’t forget to test with your users

Once you have imported your design to Bravo Studio and it’s almost ready to go, you might want to run a couple of tests with a couple of brief meetings with users that belong to your target audience. You can easily do this by sharing your app via Bravo Vision previewer app. This will help you gain fresh feedback and go through one last iteration.

Streamlining Web to Mobile App Conversion with Weweb & Xano

Multi-platform app creation has never been easier thanks to this no-code team trio.

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