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February 13, 2023

Streamlining Web to Mobile App Conversion with Weweb & Xano

Multi-platform app creation has never been easier thanks to this powerful no-code trio.

As well as helping users to build beautiful native apps from scratch, one of the use cases that Bravo really shines is in adding native mobile functionality to an existing web product. If you have designs that can be added to Figma and a website that communicates with your backend with APIs, Bravo enables you to add native mobile functionality - such as notifications and GPS positioning - faster than any other platform.

To show this in action, we turned to two of our favorite partners - weweb and Xano.  To demonstrate the power of their platforms working together, they built a demo CRM app. We then further enhanced his by using the same Xano APIs to build a native mobile application to work alongside the web version.

Using Xano, Weweb and Bravo Studio together is a really powerful hybrid app development stack that enables you to achieve sophisticated, beautiful looking websites and native apps with rich functionality. And the best part of all? This no code development process will entail a fraction of the cost and time to develop when compared to traditional application development.

Check out everything in more detail here:

Live weweb CRM

Xano snippet

CRM app

Did you miss our live event with WeWeb and Xano?

Watch the video here:

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