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Serverless backend and API service solutions for your mobile app.

Build an app from Backendless

Backendless is a great service that allows you to connect your app’s frontend to their APIs, databases and services which can provide you with a ton of new functionalities. Plus, Backendless has a gamified learning experience that makes the whole process way more interesting. 

How to structure your Backendless data to turn it into an app

Backendless provides a serverless backend and API service solutions for your mobile app needs. You’ll have a secure, scalable and ultra fast file storage system supporting static and dynamic (Node.JS) content. It’s a more complex solution than Airtable or Google Sheets. 

How do you get started? You’ll need to create the backend in Backendless, set up the design and the APIs in Bravo Studio and then bind the APIs to the design in Bravo. 

We’ve assembled a complete tutorial using a photo sharing app as an example. You can find the tutorial here. Use this Figma file for the designs. 

The Backendless API

With the Backendless API you’ll be able to develop several backend functionalities such as: 

  • User Registration and Login
  • Push notifications 
  • Geolocalization
  • Data Caching
  • Save Data
  • Query Your Database

You’ll be able to automatically generate API documentation for every API service you create, test, host or deploy with Backendless.

Benefits of using Backendless as backend for your mobile app

With a powerful visual database, a serverless backend, real-time database, many pre-built APIs and the possibility to even build your own APIs, Backendless easily fills in the backend gaps in your Bravo app. Connecting your app to Backendless will help you improve and increase the features you provide.

Start Bravorizing today for free and create pixel-perfect apps every user will love. 

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