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May 18, 2022

Build Your Own App: Say hello to video and media content for your no-code app!

Want your users to upload videos to your forms? With Bravo, you can! Learn more about our newest no-code release in this article.
Pedro Codina
Pedro Codina

Video is everywhere. Static resumes and pitches are a thing of the past. Now everything goes with a short video that gives further information. Explaining things with your own voice, tone, gestures, and context is way more interesting. 

Allow users to add videos to your forms 🚀

Now your app users can record a short video with their phone camera and upload it to your no-code Bravo Studio app. You’ll just need to add the video input Bravo tag to your forms so that your users can press the design element and choose between “Select from gallery” or “Open camera” to record. 

📲 Try it out in the Input Fields sample app

Add video content to your no-code app 🔥

Bravo allows you to add videos to your apps in various ways. You can add videos from YouTube in the apps, or videos stored on the internet with an URL ending in .mp4. 

You can add: 

  • Embedded audioless videos 
  • Web view for YouTube videos
  • Open video in the browser or YouTube app

Learn more and access example files here! 

Add gifs to your no-code app ✨

Simply add this tag to insert a GIF, which will replace the content of the rectangle layer where the tag is placed. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the URL needs to end in .gif.

Add audio to your no-code app 

You can also play with sound! Choose between these sets of tags to play an MP3 track in your app as a background sound, to have it in pause, or to add a loading indicator. 

👀 Stay tuned for… 

🗺 Multi-language apps → Allow users to have apps with multiple language content. Connect an API or translate automatically the static text in your design file.

📈 Line chart → Display data from your database in a customisable line chart.

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