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November 8, 2023

Maximizing your Mobile App A/B Testing Speed with Bravo Studio

Unveil the dual power of Bravo Studio: not just for crafting mobile app prototypes, but also for perfecting them through rigorous testing.
Juan Antonio Cabeza Sousa
Juan Antonio Cabeza Sousa

Unlocking the Power of Bravo Studio for mobile app A/B testing

In the dynamic realm of prototyping, aligning your design decisions with your target audience's preferences is non-negotiable. Yet, when it comes to mobile app prototyping, striking the right balance between gathering essential insights swiftly and minimizing resource and time expenditure can be a formidable challenge.

Typically, crafting a high-quality prototype requires considerable investments in terms of both resources and time, all while carrying the inherent risks associated with uncertainty.

However, what if we were to reveal a game-changing approach? Brace yourself, because by choosing Bravo Studio for your mobile app a/b testing process, you can supercharge your prototyping process, enabling you to innovate and progress faster than ever before.

Bravo Studio is the piece that connects the design and the backend to build a powerful native mobile prototype. Unlike other prototype builders, Bravo leverages the design and the data handling of third-party tools, adding flexibility to the process.

Step 1. Create multiple app versions at light speed

Typically this process could take hours, maybe even days, but one advantage that Bravo Studio has over other tools is that is enables users to create several versions in a flash.


  1. Our Figma plugin has transformed the rate at which our users have been able to create multiple versions of their app. With features like ready-made UI presets and built-in AI-assistant, you can now move from Figma design to app in a matter of hours.
  2. Got several people working on your app project? We’ve also introduced Bravo for Teams to speed up your Bravorizing process. Not only does this offer collaboration for up to 10 users, but this plan also offers priority email support and a dedicated account manager, so you can truly supercharge your team’s prototyping speed and scalability, and ultimately get your app out the door much faster.

Step 2. Preview your Prototype in Bravo Vision

Before rolling out your experiment to a wider audience, it's crucial to validate your creation on a test device. Bravo Studio has its very own previewing tool - Bravo Vision - to ensure your prototype works smoothly on various devices and screen sizes.

This is the perfect opportunity to test all the native features implemented in Bravo Studio, like camera, haptic feedback, maps, and much more - features that most app prototyping tools can’t offer!

In order to do that you just need to:

  1. 📲 Download Bravo Vision on your phone
  2. 🔐 Log in to Bravo Vision with the same credentials as Bravo Studio.
  3. 🚀 On the Projects screen, tap on an app icon to open the app project, and voila! You can now test your new prototype on your phone.

Step 3. Integrate Analytics into your prototype

Integrate Google Analytics and track events from your app

Thanks to our Google Analytics integration, you'll be able to track app events and analyze how your users are using the app.

In order to integrate this feature, you'll need to create a Firebase project. This feature is available for the Advanced and Business App plans.

To set this up, follow the steps below:

  1. ⚙️ Configure your Firebase project
  2. 🟢 Enable Google Analytics
  3. 🔌 Setting up Google Analytics in your Bravo app project
  4. 📲 Create new app bundles

Step 4. A/B test your mobile app

💡 The purpose of A/B testing is to determine which version performs best at achieving a specific goal.

Once your prototype is ready and collecting data, it’s time to optimize your prototyping experience even further by simplifying the process of running, analyzing, and scaling product and marketing experiments.

When it comes to mobile app A/B testing, there are hundreds of potential tests that can be carried out. For example, you might look at which variant increases click-through rates, conversion rates, or engagement rates. If that’s the case, we recommend running an A/B test for the new feature, releasing it for only a limited part of the audience and keeping the second part as a control group. It is advised to leave the test running for atleast a few days in order to gain enough data to make an informed decision.

As you will have integrated Analytics into your prototype, you can check out this article about going through the whole process of Creating Firebase Remote Config Experiments with A/B Testing in order to create the experiments that you want to test quickly.


By leveraging Firebase A/B testing through Bravo Studio, you can iterate your prototype’s design and functionality with confidence, knowing that your decisions are backed by data-driven insights. This approach accelerates the refinement process, helping you create a prototype app that resonates with your target audience and drives success.

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