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November 9, 2023

How to Get Your App Into the Halloween Spirit

Black cats, spiders, witches and bats are all over this time of the year. Here are some design tips and tricks to get your app into the Spooky mood.
Estefanía Giraldo
Estefanía Giraldo

It’s that time of the year again and there are several things you can do with your app to make use of the Halloween hype and make your app marketing strategy ready for the Holiday Season. Get your potential user’s attention by revamping your app and get into the store's lists. 

It’s quite common for apps and games to tailor features or add characters that relate to specific holidays. For this reason, app store browsers are more actively searching for themed apps and games in the days or weeks leading up to major holidays. 

Remember that with Bravo 3.0’s versioning features you’ll be able to test new design ideas before pushing changes to live apps. The changes you make will be kept in draft mode, until you choose to push them to the published app. Plus, you'll be able to test the draft version on Bravo Vision.

#1 Create a Spooky Icon

Add a special icon to your app so that it stands out in the stores. Remember: 

  • Keep the background solid 
  • No photos or complex images
  • No need to round the corners! 

#2 Add a new feature and create a special offer

Adding new features can be really tough but maybe there’s something easy and simple you could do. Offer filters for photos, templates, recipes or something that will engage users. This may imply releasing a new version or preparing new in-app purchases, special offers or subscriptions

If you’ve spent time adding unique Halloween storylines, characters, events, or features within your app or game, make sure it’s clear in your Product Page, specifically within the Gallery assets. 

#3 Adapt your app design with Lottie Files

You can adapt your app design to seasons really easily. Change splash screens and loading screens animations easily using Lottie Files.

#4 Halloween vibe push notifications

Make your users really want to open your app to discover the new Halloween releases. Please, don’t spam! But one nice push notification with a catchy copy might make them curious. 

#5 Create Trick or Treat content in your social media

Your app might be great but you need an extra boost to reach more people. Create reels, videos, podcasts, newsletters or whatever it is showing off your Halloween spirit and inviting people to download your app. 

#6 Renew your app’s description & keywords

If you want your app to be visible in the app stores, you need to publish app updates regularly. Use the moment when you push new features to your app and make sure to prepare your metadata to boost your search ranking positions.

Optimize your app, add new features, spread the word about it and happy Halloween! 🎃

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