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November 17, 2023

10 Best Prototyping Tools For Product Teams In 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile app development, product teams are constantly seeking efficient tools to streamline their processes and create exceptional user experiences.
Marta Serrano
Marta Serrano

Mobile app prototyping tools play a crucial role in this journey, enabling teams to iterate, collaborate, and test their ideas before investing significant resources. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 prototyping tools for product teams building apps in 2023. These tools will empower you to make informed decisions and take your app development to new heights.

Feedback and Prioritization



Typeform offers an intuitive survey platform that allows product teams to gather valuable feedback and validate ideas directly from communities and users. By leveraging Typeform, you can build what's next based on real user feedback, ensuring that your mobile app meets the needs and preferences of your target audience.



As an idea bank, Notion provides a comprehensive workspace for product teams to store, organize, and collaborate on ideas. It serves as a centralized platform for pitches, meeting notes, and brainstorming sessions, enabling seamless collaboration and ensuring that no brilliant concept goes unnoticed.

Planning and Organization



Miro is a visual platform that allows teams to connect, collaborate, and create together. It provides an extensive set of collaboration features, including virtual whiteboards and real-time editing, to help product teams plan and organize their app development projects effectively. With Miro, you can align your team's efforts, brainstorm ideas, and visualize your app's architecture and design.



Linear is a powerful product management tool that helps teams organize their tasks, track progress, and streamline their workflows. With Linear, product teams can prioritize features, assign tasks, and maintain transparency and accountability throughout the development cycle. This tool ensures that everyone is on the same page, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient project management.

Rapid Prototype & Design



Marvel enables product teams to rapidly prototype, test, and hand off designs for modern design teams. With its intuitive interface and extensive design features, Marvel allows teams to create interactive prototypes and gather feedback quickly. This tool facilitates seamless collaboration between designers and stakeholders, ensuring that your app's design meets user expectations.



Figma is a collaborative design tool that connects everyone in the design process, enabling teams to deliver better products faster. With its cloud-based platform, Figma allows designers, developers, and stakeholders to work together seamlessly in real-time. It offers an extensive library of design assets, making it easy to create visually stunning and user-friendly mobile app prototypes.

High fidelity MVP


Bravo Studio

Bravo Studio is a powerful tool that connects Figma designs with the backend of your choice(Xano, Google Sheets, Airtable and many more) to create a fully functioning mobile app. Perfect for teams with tight deadlines, It enables users to create high-fidelity Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) quickly, iterate rapidly, and even publish if needed. Bravo Studio bridges the gap between design and development, empowering product teams to bring their ideas to life efficiently.

User testing & Learning



Maze allows product teams to conduct user tests and collect valuable feedback from real users in moments. By leveraging Maze, you can gain insights into user interactions, test user flows, and validate design decisions. This tool helps you make data-driven decisions and optimize the user experience of your mobile app.



Hotjar offers a suite of tools, including heatmaps and user surveys, to help product teams understand user behavior and gather valuable insights. By analyzing user behavior and interactions, Hotjar enables teams to identify usability issues, optimize user flows, and enhance the overall user experience of their mobile apps.

Results & Data



After delivering your mobile app, tracking its performance and analyzing user data becomes crucial for ongoing improvement. Amplitude provides a comprehensive analytics platform that allows product teams to measure user engagement, monitor key metrics, and gain actionable insights. With Amplitude, you can make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your app to meet user expectations.

As mobile app development continues to evolve, product teams need to leverage the best prototyping tools available to stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing these tools for feedback gathering, planning, rapid prototyping, high-fidelity MVP creation, user testing, and data analysis, you can streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional mobile app experiences. Stay on top of your game by embracing these top prototyping tools for mobile apps and take your product development to new heights in 2023.

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