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May 18, 2022
Estefanía Giraldo

How frontend works in the era of No Code + Top 6 visual development tools

With minimal programming notions (and sometimes not even that) we can build web pages for our business, automate processes or create mobile apps.

Of course, these tools do not replace developers at all. In fact, if you are a software developer you should start to handle them. In most cases, they can help you create quick prototypes or come in handy for clients or projects that don’t have or need a huge budget. They can be useful for the frontend and connect with a custom backend.

Let’s dive in some stats by The New Stack to help:‍

  • 64% of low-code using companies are delivering mobile applications in four or fewer months, which compares to 49% of non-low code companies.
  • 46% of low-code users said their organization’s backlog of web and mobile development projects has improved, which is 12 percentage points higher than organizations that don’t use a low-code platform.
  • Using a no-code platform saves enterprises on average $1.7M annually in operational costs alone.

Which no-code tools can replace just frontend code?

There are several tools that can do good to your frontend and just merge with the backend. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Webflow for webs

You can use webflow.com and connect via API using Zapier. This way you have the best design flexibility and with the front end.

Bubble for web apps

You can also create a front end with bubble.io and connect via API using their API connector plugin. This would likely help make the front end more dynamic.

Abstra for fullstack apps

abstra.app comes with a real database integrated out-of-the-box so you don’t need to set up anything else to start creating. Easily integrate with any API through REST or GraphQL or your own PostreSQL database.

Bravo Studio for native apps and prototypes

Bravostudio.app lets you power your app with external tools using APIs. You can use your Figma design as the frontend and power it by displaying and interacting with content from external data sources as the backend.

Code2 for web apps

Use Code2 to create frictionless, pixel-perfect designs with our visual editor and turn them into customer-facing responsive web apps — without code.

Glide for apps in Google Sheets

Glide can help you make a mobile application in less than 5 minutes. How? Well, it’s built primarily using google sheets & it’s free of charge (until you need more advanced features).

I am very excited about the future of No Code and I am currently working on a bunch of no-code projects. I wrote this article to help you find the right stack of tools for your project. What do you want to build? Let me know! I’d love to help you get into the no code world :)

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