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May 18, 2022

Game changer for Adobe XD users

Turning Adobe XD designs into native mobile apps is now a reality.
Pedro Codina
Pedro Codina

Turning Adobe XD designs into native mobile apps is now a reality.

Bravo Studio plugin for Adobe XD will allow designers to go beyond prototyping and deliver real apps with ease, without compromising creativity. Thanks to native actions and easy publication capabilities that Bravo Studio offers, you will be able to deliver pixel perfect interfaces.

Since 2019, thousands of Figma and Bravo users have been realizing their dream apps speeding up the prototyping process, validating MVPs and launching real apps to the App Store and Google Play store without code.

Today, after launching more than 100 different features we are happy to announce that Bravo Studio plugin for Adobe XD is now available for download.

Are you an Adobe XD user? Here is what’s waiting for you:

1. Design freedom. Forget the limitations from traditional app builders.

Say goodbye to the frustrating drag and drop templates that stops you from designing the perfect interface to deliver beautiful UX experiences. 

2. Intuitive native actions. 

You can annotate your design with Bravo tags to easily add features to your designs that go beyond the prototyping features in XD - for example, push notifications, webviews, videos, sharing, etc. 

3. Functionality. Integrate your design with 3rd party tools and external data.

Within Bravo Studio, your designs can be connected to an API, making them fully dynamic (including GET, POST, DELETE, PATCH data), connected to Firebase to enable user authentication, and send native mobile notifications.

4. Share your app with the world. Publish in the app stores.

Publish your app in the App Store and Google Play and interact with real users. Request your app builds for iOS and Android (IPA and APK) and publish your app in a few steps.

How to get started? 

  1. Setup a Bravo Studio account here.
  2. Download the Bravo Studio plugin in Adobe XD.
  3. Once your design is ready in XD, create an app project using the Bravo Studio plugin (and sync when you make any edits).
  4. Test out the native app using the Bravo Vision previewer app:
    Download Bravo Vision for Android.
    Download Bravo Vision for iOS.
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