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November 17, 2023

Is Bravo Studio free?

We’ve got a free forever plan and other paid plans according to your needs. Are you looking for a company plan? We’ve got you covered too. Here’s what you need to know!
Pedro Codina
Pedro Codina

Bravo Studio is the fastest tool to build better mobile app prototypes, validate ideas and launch real apps. We offer different plans and options because we have a wide variety of users: junior designers, developers, entrepreneurs, founders, product managers and area leads at companies. 

Bravo for individuals vs Bravo for companies

First of all, you need to know we’ve got Bravo for users and Bravo for companies. Basically, the Bravo for users plans are those for individuals who want to use the tool to create their own apps, prototypes or MVPs. 

The bravo for companies plan is, as the name states, for companies who want to speed up the app building process. Companies that already have a design ready or a web product as well as a backend and APIs to connect to. Essentially, they do not count with an inhouse mobile development team. 

Bravo for individual users: Bravo Free Forever, Olé, Bravíssimo

We’ve got three plans: Bravo, Olé and Bravíssimo. You can pay monthly or yearly (and get 2 months for free). If you want to try Bravo you can use our free forever plan or start a 15-day free trial of our Olé plan or 1 day free trial of our Bravissimo plan to experience all the pro features

In every plan, you can create as many apps as you want. The difference stands in the number of shares and builds the features you can add, the level of branding customization you want to achieve, and the support you’ll get. You can get a detailed plan comparison and FAQs here.  

Bravo for Companies: A mobile development team for your project

Bravo for Companies plans are custom made with a direct server API request, onboard training, and more! If you have UX/UI design and user flow and/or a backend ready with APIs, Bravo can be your mobile development team and get your app up and running in no time. You just need to book a free consultation here. Streamline processes and lower your costs with Bravo Studio.

Got any further questions? Feel free to contact us! We love to help anyone who’s planning to create an app!

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