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May 18, 2022

The future of no-code is here: Welcome Bravo 3.0

We’ve revamped Bravo Studio and we’re thrilled to announce Bravo 3.0 with a whole new set of functionalities.
Toby Oliver
Toby Oliver

The future of no-code is here: Welcome Bravo 3.0

We’ve revamped Bravo Studio and we’re thrilled to announce Bravo 3.0 with a whole new set of functionalities. 

Today, building your own app without writing code is easier than ever and we couldn’t be happier. 

Bravo has always been and always will be a design-focused mobile application building platform and we are taking steps towards becoming a more robust product. 

With this new release, users will be able to create more complex apps while making the most of their design. Plus, those who have a solid tech background will gain flexibility to build their MVPs. 

Months of teamwork have led us here and now it’s time for you to enjoy Bravo 3.0. It’s a new, shiny and huge Bravo waiting for you to fill with designs, ideas and features. 

Use Bravo and instantly turn designs into native, publishable, mobile applications that connect to a wide variety of backend APIs. Explore Bravo 3.0 to find its new functionalities! Here’s a detail of each of them:

#1 Versioning

Until now, when you updated your design file with Bravo, the changes were shown directly in the published, live app. Cool feature, right? In Bravo 3.0 versioning allows you to sync changes to your live apps whenever you are ready. The app will have a “draft” mode that you can preview in Bravo Vision. When you are finished, you can push it to the live app into the App Store and Google Play. 

👉 Use case: You have a live app in the stores, and want to add a new feature, page or change the design. You can test and preview how the new changes look and work on them before pushing them to the live app. 

#2 Allow location

The allow location feature are new request variables that you can add into your API data collection. This will allow you to filter the content of your app by the user's location.

👉 Use case: A list of hotels filtered and sorted by the user proximity, the closest will be the first one on the list ("hotels near me").

#3 Multiple requests

In Bravo 3.0  you can add more than one API request per page.

👉 Use case: On the same screen, you can get a list of restaurants coming from Airtable and list of hotels coming from Notion. You can connect data to multiple horizontal carousels on one page.

#4 Multiple binding

Now you can bind multiple properties to a single component. 

👉 Use case: When you want to bind both an image and a mobile action to an UI element. Or when an app user wants to edit an existing profile page, the form fields can be pre-filled with existing info, and the user can replace them and submit the new data to the database.

#5 OneSignal integration 

Connect your OneSignal account to your Bravo app and get access to all the features that OneSignal can provide for your push notifications: segmentation, sending images, schedule notifications, analytics & reports and more.

#6 New API wizards

If you already have APIs collections created in Swagger, Postman or OpenAPI, they can be imported and Bravo 3.0  can automatically create a data collection for you. 

👉 Use case: Upload your API file > Select the requests you would like to import > You are ready to connect the data to your app design! 

#7 Maps 

Create a map component with multiple location pins. 

👉 Use case: Display a map with a list of restaurants. Additionally, you can filter the content of the app by the user’s location. 

Whether you are a designer, developer, entrepreneur or somebody who just wants to build a high quality, native mobile app developed with minimum effort, Bravo 3.0 will give you more tools to do so.

We are constantly working on improvements and listening to what you, our users, have to say about Bravo. We hope this new release will empower our users and encourage others to join the no-code movement.

Jump in and explore Bravo 3.0 today! Building your own app today is easier than ever. No code. Yes, design.

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