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November 17, 2023

Bravo 3.11: A summary of our latest features and releases

After months of hard teamwork, we've launched Bravo 3.11 with a whole set of new no-code features that make Bravorizing better than ever!
Toby Oliver
Toby Oliver

Bravo Studio is a no-code app builder designed to make, manage and maintain mobile app prototypes and native mobile apps by connecting your Figma or Adobe XD designs to APIs. By working directly with the app design, we can ensure the no-code app remains 100% true-to-design, whilst dramatically decreasing development time and providing sophisticated functionalities.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the new releases!

Bravo 3.11 – New Releases

💼 💸 Business Support Package and in-app purchases

Over the summer we released Bravo’s Business support package, aimed at helping users to accelerate their app-building process. Not only will you benefit from 1-2-1 support sessions and priority email support, but you’ll also gain access to our highly anticipated new feature: in-app purchases. This will allow you to create apps with subscriptions for digital products and services, and ultimately, start getting revenue from your users!

🤯 Brand new Figma plugin

The new Bravorizer Figma plugin will speed up the tagging process by selecting one or multiple tags that you want to add to a page, frame, or component. Additionally, it will help to validate if the Figma file is ready to be imported into Bravo Studio.

🧙 Xano wizard

Xano allows you to build a powerful, scalable and secure backend for your app using no code. This wizard will guide you on how to connect your Xano API to import all your API groups at once. You can check out a video on how to use both this wizard and the Figma plugin here.

🔃 Sortable & Swipe to delete

Allow your users to simply swipe left on the item that they want to delete and a delete action will be presented to them. Also allow users to reorder items. 

🪄 Conditional visibility

You can now make app elements conditionally visible. This allows you to show a widget only when certain conditions are met.

😎 TikTok scroll effect

You’ve all enjoyed that TikTok scroll effect. Now you can create apps that follow that same movement while you scroll.

📹 Drop-downs, video inputs, and required fields

Improve your user’s experience by presenting them with extended form components with drop-downs, video inputs, and required fields.

✅ Checkboxes

Checkboxes will allow your app users to set options as true or false depending on whether the user checked the component or not. This new component works just like the Like button but instead of triggering a remote action on pressing, it binds its value to the form submission. The fun part is that you can design the component as you want.

🔐 Custom login

If your backend doesn't connect with OAuth 2.0 or Firebase, such as Xano and Bubble, now you can create an authentication flow for your apps using any backend tool of your choice - even a custom one.

🔑 Post-login

Improve the onboarding experience of your app! Add a page that will be displayed after the login or register action and before the home screen. It can be shown only once or always. Some examples of what you can do.

📞 Firebase login via phone

Allow app users to login into the apps using their phone number! You can use Firebase Authentication to sign in to a user by sending an SMS message to the user's phone. The user signs in using a one-time code contained in the SMS message. This is a great way to reduce signup and login friction.

👤 Firebase anonymous login

We've introduced anonymous login as an authentication method for Firebase, which allows users to access your app without providing personal information such as an email address, username or password. Furthermore, you can restrict access to certain pages depending on whether the user is anonymous or not, so you can provide a great UX for the users that enter your app for the first time.

🐛 In-app debugging of APIs

Debugging means identifying and fixing issues with a single API call or sequence of calls. Now you can do this in your app.

📲 Deep linking

Deep links are a type of link that sends users directly to an app or a page in an app. They are used to send users straight to specific in-app locations, saving users the time and energy. Now you can do that with your Bravo app and it even works with app notifications.

📊 Charts

With Bravo 3.11 you can include native charts in your app!

🗣 Multi language

You can now build multi-language apps using Bravo Studio! Just add the translations and your app will localize the language for your users.

❤️ Like Button & Bookmarks

Engage your users with your app by giving them the ability to like or favorite specific content! You can design your own UI components with default & active states. When the user taps the component, the state changes, and a remote action is triggered.

🔎 Zoom in images

Now your app users can zoom in on the images in your app! Just add this new Bravo tag to your image layer.

🥇PRO apps

We’ve also launched PRO apps which include white-labeling apps for Olé users.

✨ Fun fact! Do you know why we called it Bravo 3.11?

Does anyone here remember the launch of Windows 3.11? Windows for Workgroups in 1994 was a significant milestone for the business as it was the first time Windows included integrated networking components, making it much easier to get on the internet. So, since we love the 90s and we are focusing on helping businesses, we named this release Bravo 3.11.

We are excited to see what you will be building with all of these new Bravo 3.11 features. Try them out now at! 

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