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November 17, 2023

The Benefits of Using a No-Code App Builder for Your Business

It’s no longer enough to have a website. We are in the age of apps. And while it’s a convenient tool consumers have come to expect, the business advantages make apps a worthwhile investment. Your app can help build customer loyalty, maintain a top-of-mind presence, and enhance business forecasting.

Many think app development involves a hefty price tag and painstaking efforts, a daunting thought. But we have good news. Bravo Studio has developed a unique way to build a mobile app without coding. So, there’s never been a better time to level up your business with its very own app.

Advantages of a No-Code App Builder

The first two advantages of a no-code mobile app builder seem obvious – it’s faster and easier. But let's dive deeper into the specific advantages of a no-code mobile app builder. 

Unlike traditional mobile app development, your no-code mobile app can be built in weeks - not months. 

Faster Iterations & Release to Market

Not only does the process allow you to develop your app faster, but it also lets you make updates in real-time. This means you can see what you like and don’t like. Make modifications, run tests, and update until you get the app how you want. This development flow allows you to move through different iterations of your app more efficiently, so you’ll be prepared to release the app to market faster. 

Timely and Efficient Updates

Since you don’t need developers or programmers to launch your mobile app when you use a no-code app builder, you won’t require developers to make updates. Think of the time, and cost-savings, of being able to make edits as your offerings evolve. Pivot your app as quickly as you pivot your business model. 

Cross-Team Collaboration

Anyone on your team can manage the app development and updates using a no-code app builder. So, business professionals who understand the services and offerings can be in the driver’s seat to release content. Equally beneficial, your customer service team can be trained to make edits when customers report app issues. This type of cross-team collaboration builds transparency and further increases efficiency. 


If you pay programmers and developers for months of work to develop a traditional app, you can imagine how the cost adds up. But a no-code app development is based on a set pricing plan. So, you know your costs going into the project. Also, since you release to market within weeks, your development quickly becomes a revenue-generating opportunity. So not only do you save money in development, your investment becomes profitable faster. 

Improved Accessibility & Analytics

A no-code app builder platform allows individuals without coding knowledge to work within a framework already set up to be accessible to all users. This means that your workflows will be generated with accessibility already built in. These workflows are also set up to ensure users can pull reports for any forms or applications developed. Therefore, you can access consumer data from when your app goes live. In turn, you’ll make more informed experience-driven decisions for your business. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of no-code app development? Read on and discover how to create a world-class app that will delight your customers and drive your business forward.

Your Solution to No-Code App Development

If you have a robust website presence, there’s a probable chance that you’re familiar with Figma. A free tool that fosters collaboration and makes it easier to increase design consistency, Figma is recognized in the design world for its easy development of wireframes and mockups. So, imagine a seamless process that allows you to transfer those wireframes to your app. Bravo Studio has made that possible. 

Bravo Studio is the only no-code app-builder that allows users to connect their Figma designs (or Adobe XD designs) with any backend, making it easy for businesses to create a native mobile app.

How it Works

You do not need coding skills to build an app for your business. With Bravo, you can go from Figma to an app in just a few simple steps. 

  • Start by building your app in Figma – this first step sets you up to go from design to app. 
  • Use Bravo tags to turn the Figma design into an app.
  • Connect the app to any backend of your choice – saving you months of development, thousands of dollars, and tons of frustration. 
  • Then, preview and test the app once you import it into Bravo Vision.

The app can incorporate advanced features because the Bravo platform supports database integration, audio, and native functionality. And since flexible pricing plans scale with your business, this investment can fit any budget. 

Examples of Success

While no-code app development is still an emerging and innovative practice, success stories reinforce the value businesses can experience from a no-code app builder. 

Voda – A Mental Wellness App

If you’re wondering about privacy and customization, look at the Voda app - an app that serves a marginalized community in the mental health space. This service requires the highest level of protection for user data, which Bravo can support.

The core element of the app is the self-guided therapy programs that combine audio with cognitive journaling. While these are specialized features, Bravo offers the native functionality to make these offerings possible. After the app’s launch, Voda continued to add customized features, including daily affirmations, in-app purchases, and progress tracking. 

Voda’s business leaders touted the easy and intuitive way Figma designs are converted into the app. The app's first iteration was developed within a few weeks, and the Voda team continued to make updates in the months to come, thanks to feedback from Beta users. 

Since the launch, Voda has credited Bravo for having a reliable, efficient, cost-effective, no-code app development platform. Learn more about Voda’s development process and hear the tips they learned. 

Nuestra Champions – Football Data and Stats for a Growing User Base

Two football fans saw a gap in the marketplace and an opportunity to fill it, so Nuestra Champions was born. Fernando Sosa and Juanjo Espada had zero tech knowledge, but they had a design vision and a background in journalism to generate engaging content. When they found Bravo Studio, they knew they had found the solution to deliver their Extremadura football updates. Within the first few months of releasing the app, they garnered over 1,000 downloads. As the app gained momentum, Sosa and Espada increased marketing efforts and took advantage of the Bravo 3.0 release to continue improving the app features.  

For Sosa and Espada, Nuestra Champions is about sharing a passion with a community of fellow enthusiasts. And while this side project may grow into something bigger, currently, Bravo offers the pair a user-friendly and budget-conscious platform to develop and publish their vision. 

While Sosa and Espada recognize there’s a learning curve for anyone new to this process, they credit the ease of Bravo’s no-code app and the support of the no-code community for overcoming challenges and finding success. Follow this link for an in-depth look at the development journey of Nuestra Champions and be inspired.

A Growing Community of Bravistas

These are just two success stories from thousands of native apps published so far with Bravo Studio. With results like these, it’s no wonder many clients consider Bravo Studio to be the best app builder. And that’s why the Bravo community continues growing, with more than 100,000 Bravistas developing projects.

Putting Your Business in the Palm of Your Customers Hands

In today’s highly digital world, customers rely on their cell phones. After all, everything we need is on that little handheld device. Research indicates that 60% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices. So, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and build an app for your business. Doing so lets your business hold prime real estate on your customer’s phone – and mind. 

Start Your App Today

Need an extra push to get started your mobile app prototype? Consider what an app will do for your revenue stream. When you create an app for your business using Bravo Studio, you will have the highest potential for revenue thanks to the in-app purchase feature. Plus, with their Business Plan also offering enhanced two-way chat opportunities and analytics data, you’ll have the most significant pulse on consumer desires and preferences. 

Bravo helps you sidestep the frustration and focus on what matters the most: your business and your users. So, take the first step today and start building! 

See how it works and start a free trial with Bravo.

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